cafe marble

cafe marble opened in Summer 2007. It started when the design team of set up a cafe space in their then new office space. We are proud of the uniquely calm atmosphere found only in traditional Kyoto town houses and our menu which we take the time to prepare with great care.
When we set up the cafe, we took care to preserve the beauty of the 120 year old building, the high ceiling knowns as a "hibukuro" as well as the support beams were left as they were where possible. The garden we landscaped ourselves. On the "shikkui" plastered walls we painted Marble's mascot bear.

cafe marble Bukkoji
378 Takakura higashi-iru Nishimae-cho, Bukkoji-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL : 075-634-6033

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OPEN : 11:00 - 21:00 <L.O. 20:30>
Sun : 11:00 - 20:00 <L.O. 19:30>
CLOSED : last Wednesday


Bukkoji menu has a great selection at night time too.
Have a relaxing time with your partner at the end of the day.
Grab a drink and tasty finger nibbles.

Homemade seasonal fruit wine.

cafe marble’s special made fruitwine soaked fresh fruit for morethan 1 month.
Please enjoy thefruity taste and flavor.


1Shinkyogoku st. and Teramachi st.

Souvenir shop-packed Shinkyogoku and Selected-shop lined Teramachi. Both are considered main streets of Kyoto.

2Nishiki Market

Often called "Kyoto's Kitchen" this street is lined with fishmongers and greengrocers and other vendors selling fresh produce and larder staples alike. You can enjoy nibbling your way through its offerings.

3Kamo River

Running from north to south through Kyoto city, where you can enjoy a stroll or even a run. The riverside cherry blossoms are very pretty in Spring.

4Bukkoji Temple

Known as the head temple of Shin Buddhism. You can stroll the temple precincts freely, making it a popular place of relaxation with local people.

5Inabado temple (Byodo temple)

This temple has been worshipped as the deity for getting rid of cancer. On the 8th day of every month, craft people set up their stalls in temple.