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About orders and shipping


Credit card accepted for payment.
Payment at our online store includes the price of products and shipping cost only. Please note that the customs duty will be charged when receiving a product. When you buy the product purchase price of products and shipping cost will be charged. When you receive the product by DHL customs duty will be charged.

・Shipping method

Courier:International Express Courier of DHL
The product will be shipped within 7 business days except on Monday and Tuesday.

After arriving in your country, your product will be delivered to your destination within 5 days. If the destination is isolated islands or remote regions, it takes about a week. However this shall not apply to cases under natural disaster or the area where large events are held.
To reliably deliver to your destination, we use DHL On Demand Delivery. With this service, you receive online packages with DHL Express whenever and wherever you like because you can choose from several convenient and flexible delivery options.

・Delivery area

South Korea、Taiwan、Hong Kong、Singapore、United States、Canada


There is a possibility that the product might be out of stock before your order because we sell the product either online or in the store.
we will inform you via e-mail if it takes longer than planned.

・Custom duty

Depending on the regions, product details and prices, the customs duty will be charged for your package. Those duties are paid at your expense when receiving a product by DHL. Please note that we cannot grasp the information whether custom duty is charged for your package or not because it’s the discretion of the country.


We give full consideration to packing products however there is a possibility of damage or sort of trouble during shipping. We will not be able to accept any exchange or returns because of the damage on outside box which does not affect product quality.
At the time of product delivery, the delivery company (DHL) may contact the recipient for confirmation. Please be sure to enter an e-mail address or phone number that can be contacted.
Please note that if we are unable to contact you, we will not be able to deliver the product.


If you have any inquiry about products or online shop, please contuct us via e-mail.
[email protected]

Shipping Charge
South Korea / Taiwan2,429yen
Hong Kong2,575yen
U.S.A / CanadaUp to 1.0kg / 3,284yen
1.0kg to 1.5kg / 3,593yen
1.5kg to 2.0kg / 3,770yen